Penn Neoprene Spinning Reel Covers

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  • 5mm Neoprene Covers
  • Triple Stitched Seams
  • Durable Velcro Closures
  • Lug cut-out slots for easy storage

Protect your investment with neoprene Reelcovers which display the famous PENN logo and are available in a variety of sizes to suit all PENN reels on the market today. The covers are composed of a super thick and durable 5 millimeter neoprene material and feature triple stitched seams, eliminating runs and tears often seen in lesser quality Reelcovers.

  • S - CQR2000, CQR4000, AF1000, AF2000, AF3000, AF4000, 260, 360, 420SSG, 430SSG, 4200SS, 4300SS, BTL1000, BTL2000, BTL3000, BTL4000, SG1000, SG2000, SG3000, SG4000, FRC1000, FRC2000, FRC3000, FRC4000, CV22000, CV24000, PUR3000, PUR4000, SV2000, SV4000 SSV3500, SSV4000, SSV4500LL, CFT1000, CFT2500, CFT4000, PURII4000, BTLII1000, BTLII2000, BTLII2500, BTLII3000, BTLII4000, FRCII1000, FRCII2000, FRCII2500, FRCII3000, FRCII4000, CLA2000, CLA2500, CLA3000, CLA4000, SLAIII3500
  • M - CQR5000, CQR7000, 460, 560, 440SSG, 450SSG, 550SSG, 4400SS, 4500SS, 5500SS, BTL5000, SG5000, FRC5000, CV25000, CLL4000, PUR5000, SV5000, SSV5500, BTLII5000, FRCII5000, CLA5000, SLAII4500, SLAII5000
  • L - TRQS5, 460L, 560L, 760, 650SSM, 750SSM, 6500SS, 7500SS, BTL6000, SG6000, FRC6000, CV26000, CLL5000, CL6000, PUR6000, SV6000, SSV6500, SSV6500LL, CFT6000, PURII6000, BTLII6000, FRCII6000, CLA6000, SLAIII6500
  • XL - TRQS7, TRQS9, SQR8000, 760L, 850SSM, 950SSM, 8500SS, 9500SS, BTL7000, BTL8000, SG7000, SG8000, FRC7000, FRC8000, CV28000, PUR7000, PUR8000, SV8000, SSV7500, SSV8500, SSV8500LL, SSV9500, SSV10500, CFT8000, PURII8000, AFF7000LCLTD, SSV7500LCEU, BTLII8000, FRCII8000, CLA8000, BTLII7000LCEU, BTLII8000LCEU, CTLII8000LCLLEU, SLAIII7500, SLAIIII8500, SLAIII9500, SLAIII10500, SRBII7000LCEU, SRBII8000LCEU, AFFII7000LCEU, AFFII8000LCEU, AFFII8000LCLLEU
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Brand Penn
Manufacturer Pure Fishing
Country of Manufacture China
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