Payment Methods & Information

Please be sure to provide your exact billing address and telephone number that your credit/debit card has on file for you - this will ensure no delays in processing your order.

Other Payment Methods

For security reasons we do not accept COD (cash on delivery), company cheque, personal cheque, Postal Orders or any other method not listed here.

Why has my credit/debit card information been declined?

There are several reasons that a card may be declined.

  • Your bank may limit the number of transactions or total amount that can be spent online in a certain period of time.
  • You may have entered the incorrect CVV2 code
  • Your street address and zip code does not match your bank's information
  • You may have entered your credit card information incorrectly
  • Your bank account may be flagged by your bank due to suspicious purchasing activity
  • Your credit/debit card may have expired
  • Your bank may have rendered your card invalid due to fraudulent looking purchases elsewhere

Double check the information that you are entering with this credit/debit card and contact your bank if the issue persists.


CVV2 code

The CVV2 code is the 3-digit code that appears on the back of your card, within or near the signature box.

Many banks will accept charges for online purchases that contain an incorrect CVV2 code, but we will not.


Address Verification System (AVS)

Double check the address information that your bank has on file for this card. Ensure that the street address and zip code match your bank's information exactly and test the issue again. If the issue persists, contact your bank to resolve it.

Many online retailers will accept payment from transactions that fail this check, but we will not.


My bank reports a pending charge for a transaction that declined.

We have a strict policy that fails all transactions with incorrect, false, or fraudulent address information.

We will never accept payment from a transaction that fails a CVV2 and AVS check. If your bank has set funds aside for this transaction, they will be returned to your account per your bank's policy. For some banks, this may take up to 10 working days.

There is no way for us to accept payment from a transaction that has failed a CVV2 and AVS check, even if the charge still appears as pending in your bank account.